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About Us

Empowering Indian Start-ups and SMEs: Facilitating them build Human Capital by helping them recruit and onboard the best talent; provide them effective and professional outsourced HR services and also provide them highly effective E-learning solutions.

Cloud9Human Capital is an award-winning service provider offering recruitment, Online training and e-learning solutions for start-ups and SMEs in their journey to success. Our team of expert recruiters, e-learning and HR advisors have more than two decades of experience.


Our Story

Cloud9Human started in 2004 as Cloud9India from a small office in Saket district of New Delhi in 2004, with a vision to provide the best talent to the business and also provide the right career guidance to job seekers.


For corporates, our customers, we have been successful in  reducing the hiring time and cost by providing the right fit for the hiring mandate given to Cloud9Human. This in turn has been resulted in providing the dream job to the job seekers. Over the years we have helped employers and prospective employee spread across different parts of India meet, engage and establish a successful and a long lasting employer and employee relationship.


The recruiters and hiring managers working with the Employers have been fully satisfied as our happy customers.By providing the job seekers, the working professionals, the right job opening and best guidance has helped us in engaging them better. The trust and integrity has helped our customers in getting professionals with high retention rate and hence reducing the attrition rate

Now in 2023 it poised for another to grow and leave the foot print of a high quality recruitment service provider in the in the job market. Cloud9Human Capital now offers a range of services in HR and training domain to corporates and another range of services to working professionals , the job seekers. 

Service Offerings 

Our Clients

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