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Cloud9Human Capital provides E-Learning Solutions that are built using cutting-edge technology. Our solutions are designed to provide an engaging and effective learning experience for your employees. Scroll down to learning more about our offerings

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E-learning Services  at Cloud9Human Capital comprises of

  • E-Learning Consulting: Learning Need Analysis and Story Boarding. Analysis of existing content which may be available in for word or pdf documents or training content in form of PPTs. At this stage we analyze what are the ways digital using which learning goals cane be achieved.  

  • Learning Videos : 2-5 minutes short videos which can be used for small topic like product introduction, process training, marketing communication and internal employee communication and for class room training reinforcements.

  • WBT/ E-learning Courses : Web based tutorials(wbt) which can be made for detailed learning having assessments. These WBTs serves as complete learning tool with 20 -40 minutes of learning time. Made using various learning theories and principles WBT can be an independent learning system or can augmented with instructor led training. WBTs have multimedia content inform of animations and real time videos with assessment at end.

        Key Features:

  • Rich Multimedia with Animations and real time videos           

  • Interactive content: page by page using click and reveal or game based learning slides

  • Assessments: Assessments and certification play a ley role to achieving learning goals. Assessments can be made available at the end each course or it can be independent  for whole module of learning. Customised parameters can be set for certification purpose

  • Assessment and Certification: Online Assessment and certification are integral part of a training program. Learners upon completing an e-learning course or a class training can take an online assessment and get certified upon getting desired score/marks. These assessment can be interactive or objective in nature.

  • Courses  Deployment and LMS  Integration :

At this stage we analyse and design a solution which can be used to deploy the learning content and assessments for the users. It will be essentially cloud based for the users to access it using computers and mobile devices.


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