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Fresher Hiring Solutions

As part of its HR consultancy services, Cloud9 provides fresher hiring services to help companies recruit new talent fresh off campuses and universities. For each search mandate, our aim is to ensure that the shortlisted candidate becomes a part of the client's team. Our services feature a highly customisable recruitment process that is optimised to suit your talent acquisition goals and needs.


Creating An Employer Profile

The first stage of our HR consultancy service involves understanding a company’s recruitment needs and staffing requirements. This information is used to create an employer profile that sets the goal for the recruitment cycle.

Next, we create a highly customised sourcing strategy that details the steps to be taken in order to draw the attention of fresh talent. Our strategy also involves choosing eligibility criteria, planning the cost-per-hire, and creating job description(s). Additionally, we provide on-demand salary structure & compensation advisory to clients, which is always based on the current trends in their industry. 


Candidate Selection

This is the stage of hiring where applicant resumes are shortlisted down to the most suitable and talented candidates. We keep the company’s goals for talent acquisition in mind while conducting skill-based assessments, HR tests, functional tests, and interviews.


Onboarding & Integration

This stage ensures that candidates join within a reasonable timeframe. We will also take care of your new hire induction needs; our services include designing an induction training program, which can be Instructor-led (ILD) or entirely online (eLearning) depending on your requirements. Finally, we also ensure a smooth onboarding process by following up with new hires on their satisfaction with the process and addressing any difficulties they may be facing.


Head-Hunting & Sourcing

Based on the volume of new hires our clients desire, we source talent through campuses, the open market, or a combination of the two. Freshers are found through the following sourcing methods:

  • Social media search & marketing

  • Job board advertising

  • Campus Connect programs

  • Headhunting and candidate referrals

  • Data from job portals’ paid resume database


This stage also involves a thorough background check and verification of applicants to eliminate misleading profiles.


Offer Closure

Once the selection stage is over, we run the selected resumes by our clients. With their approval, we roll out offers for candidates to accept.

Our Hiring Process


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Fresher Hiring FAQ

1 / Is fresher hiring beneficial for businesses?

Yes. Freshers are usually ready to learn new things and experiment with innovative ideas. Moreover, they are often tech-savvy and quick on their feet, bringing with them an attitude that aids development. Due to their lower experience, they can also be hired at a lower salary, which makes them suitable for businesses with a smaller budget. Hiring freshers can also benefit a company in the long term, as they can adapt quickly to its values and remain an employee for several years, thus turning into a valued and experienced professional with time. Another point to note is that freshers are increasingly aware of the problems that come with a total lack of experience. This means that a lot of them work in internships and part time jobs even while studying, which can ease the transition into a professional work environment after college. Their prior experience may also be a source of fresh ideas and innovation that can greatly benefit a business.

2 / How is fresher hiring different from other staffing processes?

Fresher hiring involves searching for and recruiting people with limited or no working experience. This differs from hiring someone from one industry into a different industry, as that person would still have work experience. Therefore, freshers are usually hired directly from the campuses they are graduating from, often with the help of a campus recruitment team. Cloud9Human’s Campus Connect services are designed to help you with exactly that.

3 / Why is Cloud9Human a good choice for fresher hiring?

We bring several years of recruitment expertise to the table, which makes the process of searching and recruiting fresh talent quick and efficient. Additionally, we provide 24/7 client support throughout the process, answering any doubts and addressing any issues that you may have. We have worked with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries, e.g., web technologies, e-commerce, retail, BPO, KPO and start-ups. We will also take care of your recruitment needs through every stage, from planning to onboarding. Our fresher hiring services involve contacting universities and colleges directly for recruitment, which makes the process fast and easy. We also aim for the lowest cost-per-hire possible, which is made possible by our 3:1 hiring ratio; as meeting fewer candidates and selecting the best one within them drastically reduces the cost per hire.

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