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Promising Career Options in a Leading Hospital For HealthCare Professionals

Client - Heart Specialty Hospital In Rajkot

About The  Client It is among the leading centers for Cardiovascular Medicine, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in Gujarat. They have successfully treated heart conditions ranging from chronic arrhythmias to sudden heart attacks and are dedicated to prevention, management, and reduction of  Cardiovascular disease. They have a team of cardiologists, surgeons, scientists, nurses, and technicians, led by Senior Cardiologists, Medical Technocrats and Senior Administrators of the the hospital Hospital.

The multidisciplinary team has the expertise of Cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery, Medical education, Research, Community service & Rural Cardiology which is further complemented by Our team  trained nurses and paramedical staff.

The offer state-of-the-art Cardiac Imaging and health care facilities for patients, advanced laboratories for scientists.

The hospital is now 4 yrs old and are in expanding fast and hiring for various positions opens


Rajkot, Gujarat, India

CTVS Surgeon

Rajkot, Gujarat, India

MBBS Doctors

Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Rajkot, Gujarat, India

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