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Lateral Hiring Solutions

Lateral hiring is a valued, effective method for bringing in skilled and experienced employees into a company’s workforce. As a part of its consultancy services, Cloud9Human has a tried-and-tested recruitment process optimized to bring in experienced employees who will fulfil its clients’ talent acquisition needs.

Our Hiring Process


Workplace Planning

The first stage of any process involves identifying its objectives. With this in mind, our hiring process begins with understanding our client’s need for a lateral hire. This is done by workplace planning: we collaborate with clients to assess their current workforce and determine which new skills or experience is needed to meet their organisational needs. Workplace assessment helps us identify the specific need or gap the new hire is expected to fill, which is then used to create relevant and specific job descriptions.


Candidate Selection

Once a pool of potential candidates has been identified, we begin the selection process. Applicant resumes are shortlisted for the most relevant and experienced candidates. Next, we carry out assessments, interviews, functional tests and/or HR tests to further determine the candidate’s suitability for our client’s organisation. We are willing to conduct multiple rounds of assessment where necessary, depending on the client’s needs.


Onboarding & Integration

Once new hires have accepted their offers and joined the organisation, we assist clients in the onboarding process by providing training plans to help these new hires learn about the organisation and its culture. This training is an important step in retaining new employees, as it helps them adjust swiftly and comfortably to their new workplace. Depending on our client’s needs, the induction program we design can be instructor-led (ILD) or entirely online (eLearning).


Head-Hunting & Sourcing

Once job descriptions have been created, and approved by our client, we start sourcing relevant talent. Candidates for lateral hiring are found through the following sourcing methods:

  • Social media search & marketing

  • Job board advertising

  • Headhunting and candidate referrals

  • Data from job portals’ paid resume database 


All relevant resumes undergo a thorough background check and verification before being contacted. The team at Cloud9Human is aware of the delicacy of sourcing candidates who might already be employed at another company, so we contact potential hires with discretion, keeping the best interests of our client’s organisation in mind. 


Offer Closure

Once the selection stage is over, we run the selected resumes by our clients. With their approval, we roll out offers for candidates to accept. Since the selection stage has helped us understand each candidate’s profiles, ambitions and pain points, we make sure to collaborate with our clients and create job offers that address those concerns and are as appealing as possible for the candidate.


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Lateral Hiring FAQ

1 / What is lateral hiring?

Lateral hiring is the process of recruiting and hiring professionals from another organisation into a new role that is the same as, or similar to, their current position. These employees are typically hired to fill specific positions or roles that are open within the company, rather than being part of a general recruitment effort.

2 / How is lateral hiring beneficial for businesses?

Lateral hiring can be extremely valuable for filling in a need or a gap within an organisation, as it brings in highly skilled employees with years of experience. Their pre-existing knowledge of the industry eliminates the cost of training them into a role and ensures that they make an immediate impact upon the company.

3 / How is lateral hiring different from other types of hiring?

Lateral hiring is a type of recruitment effort that is very specific in its aim. It is generally done to fill in senior-level vacancies. As such, the process varies from other types of hiring, as it requires very specific head-hunting efforts to find candidates, who may often be employed in other companies and, therefore, need to be persuaded that the new company is a more lucrative and beneficial opportunity for their career.

4 / Why is Cloud9Human a good choice for lateral hiring?

We bring several years of recruitment expertise to the table, which makes the process of searching and recruiting quick and efficient. Additionally, we provide 24/7 client support throughout the process, answering any doubts and addressing any issues that you may have. We have worked with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries, e.g., web technologies, e-commerce, retail, BPO, KPO and start-ups. We also aim for the lowest cost-per-hire possible, which is made possible by our 3:1 hiring ratio; as meeting fewer candidates drastically reduces the cost per hire.

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